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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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a tragic end to a half marathon in san francisco this weekend. a runner collapses and dies. this morning there are questions about the emergency response time. christie smith here with that story coming up. ominous signs in the trial of three berkeley grads in iran. a harsh sentence could be handed down. and you could get your hand on a verizon iphone starting this week. we'll break down the plan dollar by dollar and see how verizon and at&t match up. you are looking at a live look at oakland this morning.
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it is monday, february 7th. this is "today in the east bay." good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. we'll check the east bay forecast with christina loren after the best weekend in february in all of history. it is funny that you mentioned that. we saw the warmest temperature ever recorded in oakland in the month of february ever yesterday. 81 degrees. so it really was a record-shattering day across the east bay. look at more of the records. 80 degrees in hayward. the old record was 71 degrees. we just shattered everything out there. we broke records from san francisco to gilroy all the way throughout the east bay. and it is kind of one of those days unprecedented for february. 79 degrees in concord. that's the new record. 73 degrees in livermore.
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today it won't be as warm. and heading throughout the week temperatures will gradually decrease each and every day. right now we are starting out relatively warm in hayward. 52 degrees. we'll see more 70s. your extended forecast is coming up. and a little rain is back in the mix heading to the end of this week. now to find out more on your drive with mike inouye. >> unlike yesterday when you had to wear long pants on your drive in to work, southbound 880 getting over to eastbound 92 we have an issue. westbound over to the san mateo bridge, the construction picked up in all directions. it should be clearing in the next 20 minutes. in the meantime, a minor detour from weekend construction lasting through this morning. looking at 580 out of the altamonte pass. a nice, easy drive out of the altamonte pass with no advisories for chp. we have traffic control because of the construction coming over the antioch bridge. we'll hold off for 20 minutes
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coming into the north bay. this morning friends and family of an east bay man are mourning his death. he collapsed and died at the half marathon in san francisco. christie smith is live on treasure island with the very latest on this tragic and controversial story. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. he was a 36-year-old man who collapsed near the finish line. witnesses describe a really disturbing scene of bystanders and race participants jumping in to help him. and according to published reports and viewer who is ran the race and contacted nbc bay area news, there was also a rather slow and confused response to getting emergency personnel in place to help peter hess. we do have video of him being interviewed back in february of 2009 talking about his company pet store, a pet wholesale
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store. the race was sold out to 10,000 participants. one witness told us from the time he collapsed he had been receiving cpr for 15 minutes. again, according to this witness, there were no emergency responders on the scene. the chronicle reports a fire dispatcher said they were griffin three different locations for the incident. this was the 28th running of the race. reporting live on treasure island, christie smith, "today in the east bay." . dozens of students and professors at uc berkeley will hold a rally in support of those in egypt. this morning many demonstrators are still in tahrir square. president hosni mubarak still refusing to step down, but the u.s. insists a transition.
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president barack obama says egypt is not going back to what it was. egypt's government making concessions this morning, including keeping its hands off the media and internet, but mubarak says he won't leave and protestors say until he does they won't either. a woman who was allegedly assaulted and kidnapped in oakland has turned up in a hospital. oakland police are still looking for two men who kidnapped her. witnesses say they saw a man chasing a woman saturday night in oakland and then cornered her inside an apartment complex. the two men allegedly put her in a car and drove off. now this all happened on eileen street near san pablo avenue at 8:00. the car is described as a '99 black chrysler. ominous signs surrounding the trial of three uc berkeley grads accused of spying in iran.
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the judge presiding over the case was the same judge that oversaw the mass trials of protestors of the disputed 2009 elections. he's a hard liner known for handing down harsh sentences. over the weekend the uc berkeley grads pleaded not guilty to espionage charges. two of the hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal were present in court. sarah shourd was released on $500,000 bail. she was summoned back to court but entered her plea despite not being there. the trial will continue for one more session. police are searching for home robbers who assaulted a man over the weekend in richmond. it happened at a home on bristle cone drive before 7:00 yesterday morning. the men forced their way in beating a man inside the home before they drove off in his green 1995 chevrolet silverado pickup. the man was treated and released
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from the hospital for minor head injuries. they are asking anyone with information to call richmond police. budget cuts are upsetting local parents. the city is trying to do away with the popular children's inflatables at the city parks. they tie up staff processing with labor intensive permits. the parents say the kids will be the ones who suffer. >> obviously, it is going to be hard because, you know, as a parent you are limited to activities for kids for birthday parties. if you are not allowed to do it then it is going to be, you know, it is just going to be too bad for the kids. >> the park recreation and open space commission is set to decide tonight the fate of jump houses. danville and pleasanton have
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already done away with them. i know if i were to explain to my 9-year-old this was because of municipal budget cuts, he would say i completely understand. bounce houses. >> i bet you and him have a good time in the bounce houses. we are looking good. it is going to be another beautiful day. not quite as warm as it was yesterday. yesterday we saw the peak heat from this warming trend that won't stop for the month of february across the bay area. but the good news is we did break big-time records. oakland saw the warmest day in 115 to 120 years of recordkeeping. the warmest day on record for the month of february. that's pretty substantial. hayward, 79. 73 in concord. we are starting out with temperatures mostly in the upper 40s for the east bay right now. 45 in livermore. 47 in concord. you are at2 in hayward, 52.
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temperatures 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, but much warmer than normal for the month of february. heading throughout this week temperatures are going to continue to drop off just a little bit. your extended forecast is on the way. we'll find out about your drive with mike inouye. happy monday to you, mike. happy monday to you, christina. we are going out to oakland where we have an accident reported on city streets. a major street there, international boulevard at 57th. we have a car into a building. the oakland police will take over the investigation. chp took the report initially. we'll follow it in the newsroom. all i know is it is in the area north of the coliseum. no major injuries reported. 880 is moving smoothly, but the live look is watching headlights straight across. basically one car in each row. it looked like something like a traffic break a few minutes ago, but we have not seen slowing through the area. i'll keep watching it past the coliseum, but 880 is moving
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slowly. back to you. coming up, the big super bowl fumble before the game started. we'll take a look at some favorite super bowl ads as well. i don't that's super bowl, i think that's a dangerous situation sparking a massive fireball. and this week at&t no longer holds exclusive rights to the iphone. will you go with verizon or at&t? and big changes to facebook. why the social networking site could be in for a new site of its own.
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good morning, everyone. you are looking down at the bridge on a wonderful monday. we had all kinds of records broken over the week. we'll check in with christina in a bit. take a look at this fireball shooting out thousands of feet in the area when a train carrying chemicals derailed in ohio. the sky turned color as the chemicals exploded yesterday afternoon. each of these cars was carrying 30,000 gallons of ethanol. in all 28 cars burned. 20 homes were evacuated. the epa is honoring monitoring
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air quality in the area. fortunately nobody was hurt. christina loren is joining us. a fabulous weekend, what's ahead? >> well, i wish i could say more of the same. unfortunately, yesterday was the warmest day we were expecting for quite some time. and we actually broke so many records yesterday, these are just the records for the east bay. 81 degrees in oakland. the warmest date in february on record. so now oakland, if you want to see temperatures near 81 degrees, we won't break that record for another five to six years. a very, very warm day yesterday, 81 in hayward. livermore broke a record hitting 72 degrees. we are starting out really mild this morning. san francisco yesterday hit 72 degrees. 56 right now. i think temperatures are going to be about ten degrees cooler an on average. that means temperatures in the 70s. 52 in hayward. 45 in livermore.
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47 in concord. turning over to 73 degrees in oakland today. 67 in concord. 69 degrees in fairfield. the big news is we have rain showers back in the mix heading into the latter part of saturday and sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up. you have to get to work on a back to work monday. maybe you are taking the kids to school. any problems on the roadways out there, mike inouye? overall things are looking good. we have no fog like last week and no wind like last week so far. oakland has an accident on international boulevard. the roadway is sounding like it is open. 880 i have been watching as well. earlier we had a traffic break. it has been cleared for ten minutes. no problem for oakland heading through the area. here's the map where you can see debris reported with a couple large boxes in the roadway. we may see a traffic break there. really quickly, as they remove whatever it is in the roadway, we'll take a live look at the bay bridge. no problems now, but it is monday. folks can get to work at 6:00 or
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6:30 this morning. google is looking to add more than 6,000 people this year. the financial times this morning says google is trying to cut out the intellectual mind games interviewers often use to test the brain power of potential hires. why is a manhole cover round? and how many ping-pong balls does it take to fit a plane? they say the iq tests favor those adapt to quizzes. for other news before the bell, we'll turn to sharida brantley live at cnbc world headquarters. >> reporter: good morning, scott. futures are fairly high they are morning. as wall street comes off another positive week, that despite friday's disappointing unemployment report showing companies only added 36,000 jobs last month, well below forecast. the dow rose 2% last week.
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the nasdaq nearly 3%. asian markets jumped overnight and europe is also positive. it is a quiet week for economic data with reports on unemployment, trade deficit and consumer sentiment out thursday and friday. today we get consumer credit figures. fed chairman ben bernanke testified before the house budget committee on wednesday, his first appearance before the republican-controlled house. the dow rising 29 points friday to 12,992. the nasdaq rose to a three-year high. also the settlement is part of a class-action lawsuit filed in 2009 including jpmorgan chase and citigroup. yahoo! is moving to more personalized content. the website has been hit by declining revenues and a steady stream of employees walking out the door. yahoo! is developing a platform
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to give personal apps on employees' phones and personal devices. back to you. facebook may be ready for a new home. the palo alto social networking giant report edly is moving to microsystem's campus. facebook has grown to more than 2,000 employees from about 1,000 back in august of 2009. aol is purchasing "the huffington post" for $315 million. the purchase will bring an additional 25 million daily visitors to the aol empire. once the deal is approved it will put arianna huffington is in charge of all aol content. tim armstrong says 2011 will be the comeback year for the company as it continues to boost sluggish advertising sales.
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well, you can start buying verizon's highly-anticipated iphone at stores this week. the company started taking preorders last week. customers can have one in their hands as early as thursday. how does verizon stack up to at&t? they are quite similar costwise, both charge $200 and $300 for the phone. the voice and text plans are the same price. they offer data plans. at&t charges as little as $15 and as much as $45. verizon is a flat $25 unlimited data plan. at&t has multi-tasking and is working to speed things up. the price tag is $200 for the 16 gig version, $300 in the 32 gig
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version. chris crackum is here with more. >> the phones are dumbed down but not made for dumb people. >> reporter: whatever you call them, the quaint flip phones remain hugely popular. >> designed for people who primarily want to make voice calls. >> they don't care about blue tooth or accessing the internet from their phone. they just want to make a phone call. >> reporter: older users are a major chunk of the target audience here, so carriers like verizon and at&t have customized plans and manufacturers have customized the equipment like the jitterbug. >> because the phone is a lot simpler with fewer bells and whistles there's more room for larger, higher buttons. >> reporter: or samsung's haven. >> it comes with a button for 911 calls. if you can't figure out, oh, no, 191, you just hit that button. >> reporter: but not so smart phones are also attractive to
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those who want to save a money. >> if you get a smart phone, it is cool but expensive. >> reporter: expensive meaning up to $700 a year. half of which gets you a simple cell phone. chris crackum, nbc news. here's marla tellez with what's coming up on "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. the bay area could be in for a multi-billion payday. but getting the world fair to come here is far from a done deal. we'll look at the hurdles and who could be the big winner. plus, we know the president is a sports fan and the first lady is a proponent of eating healthy. just wait until you see what was on the white house super bowl menu. these stories, plus, christinaing a ler ra's response to the national anthem disaster. >> she still did it better than i could have.
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many say the game between the packers and steelers was a classic. it did have a few fumbles before it started. jay gray picks it up from here. >> reporter: on game day sunshine took the place of snow and ice, but for more than a thousand fans -- >> this is wrong! >> reporter: the start to sunday at cowboy stadium was anything but super. instead of seats as they got to the gate, more than 1,200 ticketholders were handed this sheet from the nfl telling them, quote, your assigned seat is unavailable for today's game. >> a once in a lifetime experience. i'm going to miss out on this. >> reporter: most paid $800 though some shelled out thousands. ultimately about 850 of the displaced fans got equal or better seats. 400 were allowed to watch from the fan plaza outside the stadium and promised a refund three times face value. >> three times the face value of the tickets aren't going to pay
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for the trip down here. >> reporter: inside the stadium there was another snag. christina aguilera fumbled the words of the national anthem. but by kickoff the focus shifted to football. and what a game. >> touchdown! >> reporter: the action and intensity nerve-racking. >> into the end zone for the touchdown. touchdown, pittsburgh! >> reporter: with the packers taking an early lead and somehow holding on to celebrate their first championship in more than a decade. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. well, did they make you laugh? i didn't get to see this one. the super bowl commercials certainly captured people's attention this time around. people texting and tweeting, talking about them today.
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"today in the east bay's" marianne favro looks at the commercials. >> reporter: super special effects, you tuned in to watch the super bowl and a commercial broke out. 60 of them. and companies paid $100,000 a second hoping to score with consumers. this ad definitely had shock value. >> that was disturbing. it was cool up until it was joan rivers. >> reporter: but it was doritos dominating the favorite list. >> i thought the doritos commercials were humorous and professional. >> i have to say doritos was hilarious. >> reporter: the ad sparked a lot of talk during halftime. the garcia family was happy to share their favorites. and the commercials got plenty of cyberspace, too, with people chatting on facebook.
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this volkswagon add made many light up. >> my favorite rid commercial was the little boy with darth vader. >> reporter: now dueling companies just have to wait and see if super bowl memories translate into super-sized profits. the other big news was how many tech companies were back with the super bowl. you saw both living social and groupon. how did the commercials rate? usa today's rating says the bud light ad tied for first sharing the top spot with the doritos ad with the pug created by consumers. my least favorite was the doritos with the grandfather. i think it depends on how recently you have lost someone.
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a death in the family in froto frito lay. >> yeah, but you can't go wrong with a pug and a bag of chips. it is always a good time. 1 degrees, 81 degrees in oakland. the warmest day in february on record in oakland. hayward hit 81 degrees. 73 in livermore. new records all across the east bay. today we'll drop by 10 degrees, but that's okay. 49 degrees is the current temperature in concord. 52 in hayward. 45 in livermore later today. we'll see another gorgeous day, just not quite as gorgeous as it was yesterday. 70 degrees is the forecasted high in oakland. take a look at this. something we have not seen for a while in the seven-day forecast. showers back in the mix saturday into sunday. so if you haven't watered your lawn for a while, scott, you may get a free shower come this
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weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, we'll have your latest on the mount diablo school closures. plus, investigators need your help finding a kidnapping suspect in mile tee milpitas. marla is on the backside of this break.
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new this morning, it is calm in cairo. no


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